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Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Release from Crimson Pages Press!

"She stepped demurely to a spot opposite him, returned his smile, and then lowered her gaze.  He watched her as she stood silently, awaiting the action of the doors, and wondered what her name could be.  She was so striking, her scent so intoxicating, he began to feel his body responding to her yet again....

...His mind raced as the elevator doors slid noiselessly closed and the two began their descent.  The subtle hum of the elevator’s movement strengthened his longing, and he was only mildly surprised when she shot a slender arm forward and slammed her palm against the stop button."

Our erotic fiction imprint, Crimson Pages Press, is proud to announce the release of the first episode of Scarlet,  Bella Noir's latest short story series.  Available now for Kindle readers and free downloadable Kindle apps for your phone and computer, Bella's work is sure to please.

Told in a voice that is both succinct and provocative, Indulgence Aloft takes the reader straight into the heart of a well-told sexual encounter that is rapt with human sensuality and unabashed lust.  Indulge yourself by purchasing your copy today from Amazon.com


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